Light Lemon Sponge Pudding!!!!


butter, melted, to grease

210g (1 cup) castor sugar

40g (1/3 cup) cake flour

15ml (1 tbsp) lemon zest

15ml (1 tbsp) lime zest

80g butter, melted and cooled

4 large eggs, separated

00ml (2 cups) milk

mascarpone, to serve

icing sugar, to dust


Light Lemon Sponge Pudding!!!!



1 Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a 2L round ovenproof dish with melted butter.

2 Place 125ml (½ cup) of the castor sugar, the flour, lemon and lime zest, melted butter and egg yolks in a large bowl. Whisk until well combined and add the milk.

3 Use an electric beater to beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually add the remaining castor sugar and whisk until thick and glossy.

4 Fold a quarter of the egg whites into the citrus mixture. Add the remaining egg whites in batches, folding gently. Pour into the prepared dish and place in a baking dish. Fill halfway up the sides with cold water.

5 Bake until set, about 40 – 45 minutes. Dust with the icing sugar before serving with the mascarpone.